A Non-profit Veterinary Hospital

Schwarzman Animal Medical Center

510 East 62nd Street (East of York Ave)
(212) 839-8100

A non-profit veterinary hospital with a staff of veterinarians specializing in more than 20 areas of medicine and surgery. You should never have to choose between your safety and your pet’s health. That’s why we created our new Urgent Care Fast Track, so pets have access to excellent, contact-free urgent care, delivered as quickly as possible from our ER Specialists, 24/7. Our doctors are here to answer any questions you have; before heading, over call our Urgent Care Hotline at (212) 329-8608.


Sutton Animal Hospital

1147 First Ave. (62/63)
(212) 935-0823
Fax (212) 320-0358

In the heart of Manhattan’s Upper East Side & provides state of the art veterinary services to dogs & cats. Founded by Drs. Monica Kennedy and Susanne Kent-Miller. Open daily by appointment.

Veterinary Emergency Group
1215 Second Ave. (63/64)
(212) 223-3500

NEW: Open: 24 hours daily. Veterinary Emergency Group is an emergency and urgent care veterinary clinic. You can speak directly with a doctor. You and your pet can stay together.