Business Improvement Districts

Committed to Excellence

East Midtown Partnership
875 Third Ave. - Mezzanine (Cor. 53)

We are a Business improvement District that covers 48 blocks of Midtown Manhattan, including Bloomingdale’s, Roosevelt Island & Tramway Park. The Partnership supplements city sanitation, security, & homeless outreach efforts; beautifies the streetscape; & provides marketing assistance for 3,000 businesses in the district.

Madison Avenue Business Improvement District
29 East 61st Street, 3rd Floor

The BID is managed by the 60-86 Madison Avenue District Management Association, a not-for-profitcorporation under contract with the City of New York to supplement services to the community. The Madison Avenue BID extends from East 57th to East 86th Street on Madison Avenue and also encompasses the commercial areas of its adjacent side streets. The district is comprised of approximately 250 buildings, 500 cooperatives and condominium units and over 800 businesses, and includes some of the world’s most celebrated boutiques, galleries, restaurants and hotels.